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New Zealand based film podcast, talking about new and old cinema, local and international news and events, and lots more. Hosted by Robbie McGregor and Ryan McMahon.

September 23, 2020

Movie Re-cuts, Mustaches for Babies, And More Than Ten Minutes For Tenet - Reel Time Episode 19

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We end the episode with a lengthy discussion on Tenet, which Ryan in particular almost hasn't stopped thinking about since he saw it. Christopher Nolan's latest is something that warrants large discussion, both on the front of its content but also Warner Brothers' intention to have this be the thing people would be going back to cinemas for. Is it the most Nolan'y of Nolan films? How does the inversion idea work? And is the sound mix still not great like other films of his? Tune in and find out.

Coronavirus features as it has every month for what now feels like several years, as we talk about more cases, the impact on more films both being filmed and those being released, and Tom Cruise trying to convince everyone to go back to the cinemas. Ryan has another dip into the Toy Box - which still needs a theme tune - and we look at several trailers including the newest James Bond trailer, The Comeback Trail - with three Oscar winners and Zach Braff, Sofia Coppola's On The Rocks, Death on the Nile, and a more detailed look at the DC trailers from Fandome. 

The Toon Squad gear has been revealed for the Space Jam sequel we think no one asked for, Ryan is hyped for when he will get to see more Mandolorian, and as always more Star Wars news is touched on. Marvel and DC have their usual section and we spend our time looking at all the DC Fandome announcements in particular.

Moving towards movie news, we talk Ryan Reynold's take over of Netflix, more on Scream 5, Matrix 4, and Jurassic World 3, and Jason Statham on reteaming on two film jobs with Guy Ritchie. We talk about sleeping in a Blockbuster, a recut version of Godfather Part 3, and touch on the directions Paramount is considering for the future of Star Trek. There are remakes and reboots as always too, including Troop Beverly Hills, a Resident Evil Netflix series, The Thing, Powerpuff Girls, Three Men and a Baby, Tron, and Rob gets annoyed over the idea of remaking Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (for the second time if you count Due Date).

We arrive into Episode 19, and we certainly have to start with a sad month of large profile celebrity deaths, with the shocking announcement of Chadwick Boseman, in particular, being a very sad surprise to all. But some also not as well known ones during the last few weeks, including Ben Cross, Arnold Spielberg, and Linda Hamilton's sister Leslie.

August 27, 2020

Netflix Action Movies, Sam Neill’s Hat, And Very Lengthy Episodes - Reel Time Episode 18

Episode 18 finally makes its way online after numerous delays and complicated issues. Recorded just days before New Zealand went back into a partial lockdown, Ryan and Rob are far too optimistic in hindsight about their chances of seeing some new movies - which probably isn't too surprising. However, with such a long time since their last catch up there is so much to talk about that this now is the longest episode yet!

We dive into to some updates from the last episodes, cover numerous celeb deaths - some which have left us far too soon, discuss if Universal has won with 17 day release windows and the fact studios can now again own cinema chains in the USA without courtroom involvement. Comic book news dominates as it so often does, and we talk about how Disney Plus already exceeded its 5 year target member in 9 months while making even more live action cartoon films no one really seems to actually want. We think.

Studios and company's keep repeating old ideas as new ones as Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, and Knight Rider all get new takes announced. In a running trend of relevance, Netflix and action movies are striking up the viewers and Netflix has a plan for all their massive expensive celeb filled action movies for you. With coronavirus still rampant in the US, we look at how old movies are topping the box office at the drive ins still operating, the recent updates, changes, delays and movements all being caused, and updates with Jurassic World, Mission Impossible, Uncharted, The Batman, Bill and Ted, Mulan, and Tenet all being covered among many others. Oh, and Avatar delays again, now meaning we're in the Avatar business until at least 2028... 19 years after the first movie released.

There is news on new announcements including a Vanilla Ice Biopic, more Edgar Wright films, Dirty Dancing sequels, the history of Fletch on the big screen, more Sonic the Hedgehog and Ryan and Rob look through more trailers than ever before with several New Zealand films in the mix and films even making their way out in the US trying to convince people to come back to the cinema already. And Liam Neeson's skills.  All this and more in this massive episode we hope you'll all enjoy.

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July 16, 2020

Reel Time Presents Shooting Returns, High Concept Cinema, And Bill and Ted’s Bogus Delays - Episode 17

In the latest episode we look at the industries attempts to move forward in the face of continuing Coronavirus, mostly in the UK, Europe, and here in New Zealand where movie shooting has begun again. We also look into the impact on film releases including when the chances are Tenet will be released and when cinemas can reopen properly in the US. And if Michael Bay's production company is exploiting the outbreak for their upcoming film Songbird.

We talk Zach Snider's Justice League; Jamie Lee Curtis' directorial debut; David Leitch's high concept action movie Bullet Train and a high concept comedy with Awkwafina and Karen Gillan; Edgar Wright's new production company; sequels to Avatar, Chicken Run, Evil Dead, Pirates of the Caribbean, Attack the Block, Sonic the Hedgehog, Indiana Jones, Matrix, and Mission Impossible; and a return of Henry Cavill to Superman somewhere. Everything 90's is back as Scream is confirmed for the 5th sequel, another Princess Diana film, a reboot to Twister, and film versions of Animorphs and The Magic School Bus. Ryan has thoughts on McLeod's Daughters getting a movie, and what Temuera Morrison has been doing in lockdown.

Cobra Kai moves to Netflix, both Jeffery Dean Morgan and Michael Keaton are in talks to return to the Batman franchise, JK Simmons talks Spider-man, Deborah Chow to move from Star Wars to Marvel after Obi Wan, and why is Evan Peters turning up in Wandavision for? Ryan has another Toy Box segment and looks at Lego Ideas sets for Seinfeld and Home Alone, as well as a figure of Dennis Nedry that comes in a can of Barbasol like the movie. Which leads us down the path of numerous Jurassic World news.

We talk Bill and Ted and if the new movie will see cinema release, plus Alex Winter's child star documentary. Finally, we look at all the movie delays and event changes other than B&T3, talk some about the late Ian Holm and Joel Schumacher, and wrap with some trailers - including Netflix's The Old Guard, Train to Busan Presents Peninsula, Palm Springs, and The Kings' Man.

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June 18, 2020

The Reel Time Star Wars Holiday Special (Not On A Holiday or about THE Holiday Special)

Join us for the guys' latest special which, due to time restraints on the previous episode, has us talking about all the recent Star Wars news as well as all about our thoughts on the way the franchise is in its current state. We discuss the idea of cross-connections between various projects from animation to live-action, the point of making new movies with Taika Waititi's addition to new Star Wars films, and Ryan shows off his extreme fandom by putting Rob in his place about his lack of Star Wars knowledge. Rob does, however, take time to suggest an idea for another Disney Plus series they both agree they would be keen to see, they discuss what George Lucas should have done with Episode 3 which would have surprised people more than getting things to where they needed to be in 20 minutes, before going down the well-worn path of just how good or bad the recent trilogy and then ending up on a discussion of Yaddle, the not "female Yoda" being added to a new videogame.

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June 2, 2020

American Pickles, Dance Offs, and Bags Of Poo - Reel Time Episode 16

In this episode, our 16th, the boys sit down to talk about the extreme amount of news to come out in recent weeks as the film industry attempts to climb its way out of the coronavirus set delays and issues and make a plan for the coming months and years ahead.

Before we get to that though, we follow up a conversation from the last episode and both pick what we think are 5 perfect films each, before looking at all the delays for Disney and its plans for more (possibly pointless) live-action remakes. Both Rob and Ryan talk excitedly about seeing Rick Moranis in the Disney Plus series Prop Culture, before moving on to discuss John Wick, Matrix and Saw sequels. Josh Gad gets a lot of chat this week for numerous reasons, non-more so than his reunion specials. Lego PSA's and Lego Movie ownership is talked about also, as well as more Mission Impossible updates.

Spider-man movie changes make us question if peak superhero will be early to mid-2021, with 4 Marvel films in about 5 months due to rescheduling after coronavirus delays. We also discuss some upcoming Netflix films, Stallone willing Demolition Man 2 into life, Deadpool dramas, Avatar sequels and how to film motion capture underwater, and the link between James Cameron and Paul W.S. Anderson and the link between James Cameron and Tom Cruise shooting a film in space. As well as that idea too.

We talk about how to get yourself into Bill and Ted and Jurassic World sequels, or rather how you could have, Tiger King casting ideas, a return for the Scream franchise, more Mad Max and more Transformers - in both live-action and animated forms. Ryan talks about Val Kilmer's Batman and why he only did one film. Rob gets giddy about how much of a pickle Seth Rogen's next film is, Ryan follows that up with how excited he is about the upcoming Space Force on Netflix. And the two discuss the situation of Universal vs Cinema Companies and the impact it has on both filmmakers and filmgoers. And to top it all off we cover numerous celeb news and finally explain who would like to throw a bag of dog poo at Donald Trump. It's not who or what you'd expect.

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May 4, 2020

Stunt Awards, Trailer Struggles and Furry Bottoms - Reel Time Episode 15

In our latest episode, the guys spend an unsurprising amount of time talking about the continuing fallout of the Coronavirus and all of the changes to the film landscape for 2020. The entire Marvel franchise is shuffled and squeezed up, numerous more movies come to early digital home releases, and there is hardly a film not yet moved somewhere else except for 'Tenet' and ''Bill and Ted Face The Music' at this point. After talking about the films delayed, the guys spend a small amount about celebs with coronavirus and how important this info is to the public, plus sadly those who have been taken away from us from both the disease and other natural causes in recent weeks.

Moving onto other news we look at the upcoming changes to Disney and Disney Plus, plus their absurd censorship of Darryl Hannah's now fur covered backside in Splash on the platform. We talk about James Gunn a lot, due to his constant awesome posts on twitter and also what people think are 5 perfect films due to him and other filmmakers inputs on the subject. We talk about Sam Raimi working on Dr. Strange and how he'd already foreshadowed the character before when dealing with Spider-man. Edgar Wright's next-next film based on an upcoming book, Rian Johnsons non-space movies, and the why and how Chris Farley was cast as Shrek before his death. Ryan also looks into why some films have certain scenes that only appear in random cuts after an extra scene is reported to appear in a Harry Potter film no one hardly remembers ever seeing. All this and much more news.

We also spend a lot of time pondering the world of the stunt performers and how if no one values them enough in the public spotlight after the outcome of Olivia Jackson's lawsuit after her near-fatal accident on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Where are the boundaries and why don't the Oscars have a technical stunt award category?

With so many delays and just a few trailers to talk about the guys then review some recent screenings including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Guns Akimbo, Sonic The Hedgehog, Bad Boys For Life, Bloodshot, a retro screening of Midnight Run, and Ryan's better half, Ann, joins us to talk about Lady Bird in the lead up to her watching the most recent Little Women film. Finally, as almost always, the guys sit down for another round of 'Films... but badly' - and Ryan almost gets an upset with one of his craftiest ideas yet. Tune in to find out more about what took place!

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April 6, 2020

Postponed and Delayed with Corona and Coronas - Reel Time Episode 14

Welcome along to our lockdown episode, as the guys put on their hazmat suits to sit across the table from each other to talk about both the latest news, especially the delays - the so many delays - to various productions and film releases.

After some updates since Episode 13, the guys talk about their usual episodic Uncharted film update, before diving head first into all of the production delays to films including such titles as The Matrix, Little Mermaid, Jurassic World, and Mission Impossible along with dozens more. We talk about what Disney, Netflix, and Amazon are doing in the face of production shutdowns, the recent releases that have been given early digital releases, and then move onto all the films delayed at time of recording and the actors caught up in Covid-19.

Once we get past all of this we look at other recent news including casting updates on Jurassic World 3, Shrunk! - the next Honey I Shrunk The Kids sequel which has Ryan and Rob both excited, the outcome of the Oscars which we hadn't gotten to in the last episode, Snake Eyes, Borderlands, Knives Out sequels, Bond, West Side Story, Indiana Jones 5, Creed 3, Clue, Scream, Last of Us, and touch on our usual visits to the various comic universes of both DC and Marvel.

We look at the trailers for Spiral, Black Widow, Soul, Greyhound, and The Iron Mask - all seemingly now delayed, and Rob sits down to talk about 3 films he saw before the cinemas shut up shop for a while with Parasite, Birds of Prey, and The Invisible Man.

Finally, as we so often do, we finish out with yet another new round of "Films but... Badly."

We hope you enjoy this 90 minutes and change episode and hope it sees you through some time spent at home during the current times. Please share with you friends, like and subscribe if you are not and we will see you all soon for Episode 15!

February 23, 2020

Not Very Uncharted, Piracy, And Possible Oscar Winners - Reel Time Episode 13

As we provide our longest episode yet somehow, given the length of time since our last proper episode, the guys break down so much news while breaking their promises to try and stay to about a minute per item. However, the connections are not tenuous as the guys look at recent celebrities to have passed away, missed casting chances for others, more on The Matrix sequel, our monthly update on who isn't directing Uncharted now, numerous Bad Boys bits, and info on numerous sequels or remakes to films like Mallrats, Evil Dead, Saw, Edge of Tomorrow, Little Shop of Horrors, Transformers, The Thing, Lethal Weapon, Expendables, Jackass, Ghostbusters, James Bond, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park/World and GI Joe. Whew!

But how could we also miss our usual Disney news, Marvel and DC, and Star Wars also! But more on Cats, the Superbowl - rather the commercials and trailers within, Netflix and Amazon shows, and much, much, more. Plus all the recent trailers including A Quiet Place: Part II, The New Mutants, Bloodshot, Morbius, Guns Akimbo, Vivarium, and Fast and Furious 9 - or rather F9: The Fast Saga - among others.

On the reviews side, we talk about Jumanji: The Next Level, Spies in Disguise, 1917, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, Bombshell, Underwater and are joined by a very special guest to talk about The Gentlemen.

Sadly due to us running way over on this episode, we haven't recorded a game for this episode, but we are calling in a better director and editor for the next episode to make sure we don't run overtime for number 14! Until then, please enjoy this bumper episode, however!

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January 29, 2020

2019 Retrospective Special - Reel Time Episode 12.5

In our second special, Ryan and Rob sit down to discuss the various highlights and lowlights of the year in a short half hour or so, which sees them focus a lot on the ideas of what cinema is and the juggernauts that are Disney and the world of the superhero film, and spend a brief bit of time to think about the success of Keanu Reeves in 2019 and beyond among other thoughts.

They then sit down and recount their top selections for films each this year, a surprisingly far diverse group than originally expected - with only one shared film between them! What will it be? Tune in and find out.

Finally, due to the last episodes' lack of time, we fit in another round of 'Films... but badly.' Will it finally be Ryan's turn to win?

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January 9, 2020

Paul Rudd’s Ghostbusters, Trailer Troubles, and Twelve Billion Dollars - Reel Time Episode 12

For the 12th episode, recorded the day after the guys went to see the new Star Wars, we spend time catching up on movies pushed back, clashing, sequels, remade and rebooted. Godzilla, Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, The Dirty Dozen, Ace Ventura, and more. We talk if John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 can actually launch the same day as planned of it's too much Keanu for everyone. We also talk some more about Bill And Ted probably because the answer is no.

Disney continues to demand news coverage, so we pay their services by talking about how much money they've made in 2019, and how much impact the future of Disney+ has on movies. Plus the Star Wars script that went on eBay! And then decide 2020 is going to be a DC instead of Marvel year... but why? Ryan has a discussion about another Ryan for Bayhem reasons, and then we talk about how pointless Tarantino's decision just to make 10 movies actually is before making ourselves, but especially Rob, feel very old by talking about classic films and the US National Film Registry.

We then tackle trailers, including Fantasy Island, which we somehow entirely forgot about last episode... then go across others including Marvel's Black Widow, new Bond in No Time To Die, Wonder Woman 1984, and Rob spends too much time being giddy over what we're now calling 'Paul Rudd's Ghostbusters' among others. Then we follow that up with a conversation about Christopher Nolan's next film Tenet - which then becomes a discussion about studios turning trailers into events of their own and how wrong we are celebrating the marketing of films almost more than the films themselves. Looking at you Fast and Furious franchise...

Reviews see the guys talking a little about the crazy event that is the Auckland 24 Hour Movie Marathon. Ryan then discusses Last Christmas, Rob talks on Ford V. Ferarri (aka Le Mans '66), Knives Out, and Ready or Not before the two talk the pros and cons of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker - spoiler free - less than a day after they saw it. 

Due to lack of time in the episode, there is no 'Films... but Badly' this time around, but we are thinking about a 2019 review episode separate.

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